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  1. Felonious Assault Design
    BLACK FRIDAY PRICES HERE! Felonious Assault Design needs to make room for more goodies! This means you can get some former favorites at great Black Friday prices! First up, some VT T's: Sizes and quantities very limited, act FAST! I have 3 of these graphic T's available 2 in XL 1 in L...
  2. Felonious Assault Design
    Got the second T design from the printer today. They came out really nice. Pictures don't do justice. For all of you that ordered, you're gonna look like some bad muthas in these. Those of you that missed these can check out the next batch on pre-order HERE. These will begin shipping out...
  3. Felonious Assault Design
    You asked for 'em, you're getting 'em. Mix and Match color options! Color 1:Antique Irish Green Color 2:Antique Royal Blue Color 3:Black Color 4:Charcoal Color 5:Chestnut Color 6:Ice Grey more color options and info continued in next post...
  4. Felonious Assault Design
    Alright, how many of you would be interested in a shirt like this? Seems as though several members would like something simple. If there seems to be enough interest I'll get these made up. Post comments and interest below.
  5. Felonious Assault Design
    These shirts were inspired by the Northeast Ohio BBQ meet, but are now available to the entire community. Pre-orders for these shirts will begin today! The price for these graphic Ts will be $15.00 for sizes S-XL, $16.50 for 2XL, and $18.00 for 3XL. Women's styling is also...
1-5 of 6 Results