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  1. For Sale WTS: VT LED Tail Lights (pair). $275 LA Area

    For Sale
    About a year ago or longer I upgraded the tail lights of my 2013 VT to the blacked out bezel custom ones. These have been sitting in storage and look pristine. They were on the car for about 9K miles before the upgrade. I want to sell them locally here in Los Angeles for Cash. I am in East...
  2. Tailight as Turn Signals?

    Veloster Appearance
    I just saw someone post about this on Instagram and was curious if anyone here has ever heard of something similar. It looks like a pretty cool mod for $20, and the one in the video also swapped the stock turn signal bulbs for additional reverse lights. Anyway, just thought I would share and see...
  3. Just Joined! :)

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    Evening all! Excited to be part of this VT forum. Im def new to the hyundai world LOL so look forward to seeing all the mods everyones done! Im from TX and just purchased my '14 white VT. Ill post pics in a few! Is anyone from the H? Looking to see how everyones done the tailights blacked out...
  4. Custom Smoked Taillights

    Veloster Appearance
    Just messing with photoshop... I am sure I want to smoke my tail lights but wasn't convinced smoking the whole thing or cutting the reverse light, So I figured...If they can cut the reverse lines, then why couldn't they make a custom pattern smoking... what do you guys think? (first the...
  5. Tinted Tails and Reflectors

    Veloster Appearance
    Just finished up a morning with the plasti-dip and the nightshades. Decided to go and tint all the lights and reflectors out. I also plasti-dipped the Veloster and the H emblems. Total time was almost 5 hours. I personally prefer the the silver and black look. With just a little red with the red...
  6. Smoked out tail lights

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    Used Night Shades spray, about 2-3 coats. Looks badass and the lights are still shining bright :) BEFORE DURING AFTER