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  1. My Tork Motorsports OBD2 Port Flash Bundle Review

    Product Reviews
    2016 VT DCT Intro: So, to preface. This is my first car that I've owned. Everything up until this point has been a 15yo beater from my parents. There definitely comes a sense of pride that comes from owning your car and working on it that I never thought I'd get to enjoy. I had driven my...
  2. Places around the georgia meet

    Southeast Owners
    Hey guys! So the Atlanta meet is sneaking up on us. I myself am making the trip down from Chicago with the gf. Kinda doing a two birds one stone type thing. Haha. Does anyone have suggestions for places to stay and things to do around the tuning area? I'm not very familiar with the Atlanta area...
  3. Short throw shifters out there

    Veloster Performance
    BPS sts- Hyundai Veloster Short Shifter 2012+ Hi quality billet steel shifter that is aftermarket shifter only. Comes with a pull up reverse lockout adapter. Shifting rod and handle kit. Either silver or matte silver. Specs: .25" shorter, 35% reduction. Fits all model years. $209.95. Shifter...
  4. Tork Stage 0, Big Gulp, and Tork Pipe

    Product Reviews
    Well this is Looooonnggg overdue. To start things off, these guys have the best customer service of any company I have ever worked with. They are patient, responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. They readily answered my five billion questions before purchasing each part...
  5. Any interest in tork tuning event in so cal???

    West / West Coast Owners
    Hey guys I just joined the forum here a few weeks ago and I recently contacted TorkMe through facebook about a possible tuning event in SoCal. I know there was supposed to be one last April and that one fell through. They seem eager to get out here and tune some cars and I know they need to get...
  6. Southern Louisiana interest in Tork Motorsports tune event.

    Southeast Owners
    Don't want to send out your ECU for a tune but want the perks?! Looking to build interest in having a Tork Motorsports event day in Lafayette, LA @ High End Racing Development shop. Trying to build a roster between Veloster/Dart/Fiat roster to support bringing TorkMe down here and having a...