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  1. Spare ECU

    For Sale
    Selling my spare ECU for $50. It was a custom tune from Tork for my 2016 DCT, stage 1. You’ll need it VIN matched to work on your car. Buyer pays shipping or picks up. Located in Boynton Beach, FL.
  2. My Tork Motorsports OBD2 Port Flash Bundle Review

    Product Reviews
    2016 VT DCT Intro: So, to preface. This is my first car that I've owned. Everything up until this point has been a 15yo beater from my parents. There definitely comes a sense of pride that comes from owning your car and working on it that I never thought I'd get to enjoy. I had driven my...
  3. p061b Engine Code After Mods install

    Veloster Maintenance
    Anyone else ever had this code? Here's my setup: 2016 VT Rally edition Blood Type Racing ECU Tune TurboSocks FMIC w/ Synchronic DV K&N 69 series Typhoon CAI 845 Motorsports Catless Downpipe Borla Catback 2 X Baffled OCCs Never had any issues with this code before I put on the Catch...
  4. Stage 1 Tune

    I have 2014 AT VT stock with no performance bolt-on's and am looking for a stable Stage 1 tune. I've had my eye on the damnfastdd Stage 1 tune which states it only requires higher octane 91/93 once the ECU is changed out. Does anyone have experience with this tune on their veloster that can...
  5. BTR vs Tork ECU tune

    Product Reviews
    I have heard some great things and some not so great things about the BTR ECU and have only heard a few reviews on the Tork tune. What are the pro's and con's of then both and what would you guys recommend?
  6. Need some help with Tork tune (overseas)

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    tork tune overseas deleted
  7. Getting my TORK Stage 0 Tune :)

    Veloster Performance
    Sending out my ECU tomorrow morning to Washington to get @[email protected] stage 0 tuned! I am super excited but at the same time super nervous because this is my daily driver and I'm sending my car's brain halfway across the country! From what I've seen Tork's customer service is excellent and I...
  8. Purchase Information And Product Details

    Eurocharged Performance
    Let me start off by saying thank you for everyone's interest in our tune so far we plan to release more products soon as well. As many of you have noticed the Veloster Turbo is not listed on our website, this is due to our webmaster not updating our old website so that he can focus on our...
  9. Tork tune Chicago?

    Veloster Turbo ECU Tuning and Data Logging
    Hi all! New member and lurker here. Just purchased my 2013 Ultra Black 3 weeks ago and am already feeling the mod bug :money: I can also see why so many of us are interested in a tune, as this stock one does have some weird issues. My question is whether Tork has come out to the Chicagoland...
  10. For Sale 2 x VT Auto ECU & 5 sets of OEM NGK VT plugs

    For Sale
    ECUs are gone. Also have 4 sets of the OEM NGK plugs. Brand new in box. $40 shipped each set Message me on here if you are interested.
  11. Status Update please?

    Veloster Turbo ECU Tuning and Data Logging
    Hi All, I have been watching and searching the forums for the last few weeks/months, and I am unable to find any information about the custom tunes and/or the handheld tuner and where this is at. I know a lot of people were working on this and it is something I am really interested in...
  12. Places around the georgia meet

    Southeast Owners
    Hey guys! So the Atlanta meet is sneaking up on us. I myself am making the trip down from Chicago with the gf. Kinda doing a two birds one stone type thing. Haha. Does anyone have suggestions for places to stay and things to do around the tuning area? I'm not very familiar with the Atlanta area...
  13. Build / Tune

    Member Rides / Build Threads
    Hi All, new around here, just signed the deal for my 2013 vt, picking it up wednesday :) So excited!!! Never had a car that I wanted to tune. That being said, I also don't have any experience. Where would you guys suggest a new guy read up on tuning, where to start, good projects to get...
  14. End of 2014 Tune even interested > Tork Motorsports > Louisiana

    Southeast Owners
    Alright, I see a few people interested. If you guys want it, come and get it. Last tune event I did was held at Ragin' Racin' in Scott, LA. The owner, Randy, has been great to me and was great that day as well so I will recommend re-using. Ragin' Racin' utilizes a in ground Dynojet dyno...
  15. Sydney Tuning needed for my VT

    Veloster Turbo ECU Tuning and Data Logging
    Hi I'm just after if someone knows a good and reliable tuning place so I can get my VT tuned. Been looking around but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone knows anyone. If anyone can help it would be great.
  16. Any interest in tork tuning event in so cal???

    West / West Coast Owners
    Hey guys I just joined the forum here a few weeks ago and I recently contacted TorkMe through facebook about a possible tuning event in SoCal. I know there was supposed to be one last April and that one fell through. They seem eager to get out here and tune some cars and I know they need to get...
  17. Racing a Torq Tuned Veloster Stage 1.5+

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    The as yet unnamed customer that just got the latest tune from Torq Motorsports stopped at my house for some shut eye tonight. But, before I would let him sleep I wanted to see how well his car ran, compared to mine. My car has the following mods: 845 Motorsports FMIC, Injen CAI, Custom...
  18. might as well start planning Tork custom tune in CT for all Tri state area+

    Tork Motorsports
    THIS IS THE OFFICIAL NORTHEAST (MA-NY-CT-NJ-NH+) TORK TUNE THREAD (As of right now event is off for lack of support if we can somehow get a few more confirmed and magically get a few more paid people we can salvage this) I will try reaching out to Dart community and see if we can finally get a...
  19. Southern Louisiana interest in Tork Motorsports tune event.

    Southeast Owners
    Don't want to send out your ECU for a tune but want the perks?! Looking to build interest in having a Tork Motorsports event day in Lafayette, LA @ High End Racing Development shop. Trying to build a roster between Veloster/Dart/Fiat roster to support bringing TorkMe down here and having a...
  20. BTRcc Canned Tune

    Product Reviews
    Soooo after $800 and 3 weeks of waiting I finally received my BTR tune on an extra ECU. Needless to say I was really excited to put it on, so I did so about 2 hours ago. It's a pretty straighforward process, not a whole lot of room to make mistakes. After installing it I pushed the start button...