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  1. Veloster Performance
    I've been looking through the forum and cant seem to find anything on this so forgive me if its been asked before, but is there any kind of tuning service for VT's similar to say the open flash tuning used by FRS's or the MHD tuner that is used on BMW's, or anything of a similar nature? If so...
  2. Veloster Turbo ECU Tuning and Data Logging
    Can anybody help me with tuning? I have a laptop need a cable. Bolt on mods intake Bov oil catchcan gutted downpipe and 2nd cat delete thanks!
  3. Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hey everyone, so i've found this plug n' play chip thats basically universal for any car called the Race Chip GTS...? Have any of you installed this on your Veloster? If so is it worth it?
  4. Veloster Turbo ECU Tuning and Data Logging
    Hey Guys, Sorry if these questions have already been addressed but I searched around briefly and couldn't really find what I was looking for. So I'm looking to tune my Rally Edition and from my understanding there are 2 major companies that offer the tune (Seoulful Racing and Tork...
  5. Eurocharged Performance
    We are now offering a tune for both the manual and automatic Veloster Turbo. You can expect to see gains of 45 WHP and 70 WTRQ on a completely stock system running 93 octane. The power only goes up from there depending on your mods. Boost pressure is raised from the average 16 to 18 PSI to...
  6. Veloster Turbo ECU Tuning and Data Logging
    Hi all! New member and lurker here. Just purchased my 2013 Ultra Black 3 weeks ago and am already feeling the mod bug :money: I can also see why so many of us are interested in a tune, as this stock one does have some weird issues. My question is whether Tork has come out to the Chicagoland...
  7. Veloster Performance
    Stage 3 Performance Chip OBDII Module So found this the other night and am still not sure if this works. Anyone tried using this, they say it works for our car. I also looked it up and it seems to be a popular thing people have dyno runs posted on youtube. What the hell is it actually...
1-7 of 7 Results