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turbo failure

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    I have 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo with 140K miles on it. I noticed the other day that there is oil running down the exhaust side of the motor. Haven't gotten the car on a lift yet but it looks like it is coming from the turbo or the exhaust manifold. There is also a slight smell of burning oil...
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    Hey guys! I'm looking for an original turbo charger for an automatic 2015 model. I am from Puerto Rico! I think the part number is 28231-2B740. Please if someone can help me or know how much it would cost. Thank you!
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    2013 VT started making "whirring" sound and began struggling to move (at 70k miles). Had it towed to dealership and was told turbo was blown and oil was sludgy and had metal particles in it. Would have to replace the engine and turbo ($7200). Was told warranty would not cover it because I...