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  1. Veloster Turbo Discussions
    2014 VT 40k miles. When hitting boost car would slow tremendously and backfire like crazy. I was 40 mins away from my house when this started and I drove back. As long as I keep my rpm’s below +/-3k I was driving smooth as regular. When ur first started happening, I pulled over in the parking...
  2. General Information
    Hey guys first post here! Anyways i bought a 2014 VT MT back in September and the dealership told me the motor and turbo were brand new. I never asked them info about the new engine but when i did an oil change i saw that indeed the motor and turbo were still shining like freshly polished metal...
  3. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Looking to be purchasing a CHRA from 845 motorsports instead of replacing my entire turbo. Recently got scammed on here and my bank did not find the dispute in my favor 🙃. So I'm out a good chunk of change so a new turbo is not an option. Does anyone have experience replacing the CHRA? Obviously...
  4. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hey guys, I'm about to get a 845 intercooler kit for my veloster turbo 2015 Dct. Will it fit in an automatic? The kdm tuners install video says you can flip the pipe but doesn't make it too clear. Anyone installed it on an automatic?
  5. Veloster Performance
    I'm looking for a front mount intercooler kit for sale for a 15 VT, want to save some money before buying it brand new, plz include pictures if possible.
  6. Introductions
    Hello, I got a 2017 Veloster turbo in January this year and since then have been reading so many posts on here to learn about all the nuances of these cars and thought I'd register. Bought this car from a dealer with 29k km and now sitting at a comfortable 55k. The dealer said they couldn't give...
  7. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    I’m having some oil consumption issues after I (my mechanic) installed a new “stuffed” turbo. I’m also getting blue/white smoke out the exhaust. Not a ton but definitely visible. Using Motul Xcess 5w40 per KDM tuners suggestion with the new turbo. Currently going through about a quart every...
  8. Veloster Turbo Purchasing
    Good day! I just want to know what common issues I might encounter if I purchase a used but not abused Veloster. Do Veloster PH units (mostly from Korea) have the same connecting rod failure with the NA units? I’m eyeing a 2013 Hyundai Veloster T-GDI 1.6. VIN: KMHTE61EBDU081745 Hope you can...
  9. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hi, so I tapped in a boost gauge on this line, however I did it a little low, so I need to buy another. It's the line that goes into the throttle body, and has a valve on the middle of it. What is it called?
  10. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hey guys, I own a 2015 turbo. After just installed a new MAC BOV solenoid from Tork Motorsports, I ran it to do some pulls, and I get this, high pitched squeal almost, when I floor it. This sound does not happen at any other times during throttle. Only fully open. I have checked for leaks...
  11. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hi all, I've been getting P0299 on (as far as I am aware) a vanilla 14 VT. It was extremely rare a few months ago but this past few weeks it's gotten really bad. The local mechanic tried to charge me over 2 grand for an entire turbo assembly, but I believe the turbo itself works fine since it...
  12. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Preferably a short block w conrods pistons etc, my 15 VT blew a turbo and stopped running, replaced it then hoping that wouldve fixed the no start issue. It did, but it had no oil pressure when it was finally put together and after changing the oil there was rod bearing material in the oil pan...
  13. For Sale
    For sale is a pair of exLED headlights for a first generation Veloster. These will fit both the turbo, and non turbo models. The headlights have red demon eyes, and with white/amber switchback LEDs along the eyeline, turn signal, and corner reflector. These will come with HID bulbs in the low...
    $500 USD
  14. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    I have a 2015 Hyundai VT. Im just a few miles shy of 80k. Over the weekend, I was driving to MD(I currently live in here in richmond, va), when my car made this weird loud noise, that i could hear over the music(i listen to my music pretty loud to take full advantage of the subwoofer). First is...
  15. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Anybody have the specs on the torque for the clamp holding the turbo to the manifold? I just put mine back together after getting the manifold back from jethot but there's no info I could find in the service manual or here on the forums. It's the V-clamp holding the turbo to the exhaust manifold.
  16. Veloster Maintenance
    So im trying Royal Purple in my 15 vT Turbo... i noticed that i used around 4 quarts allready and checked and it still seems low ... Anyone have any info on this would be great .. Doing research i Came Across So many Conflicting Arguments I decided to make a new Thread ... 70,000 miles ..... i...
  17. Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Has anyone put a bigger turbo in their VT? Considering putting a bigger turbo in my VT but I'm not too sure if the engine would handle it well...obviously would need a tune and all, I know. But has anyone used the stock components with it or should I just purchase a whole new kit?
  18. Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hi, I have a 2016 VT and after starting the car to leave from getting dinner I noticed the check engine light had come on. After driving with it for a little my turbo sound went from its normal hissing upon release of the throttle to a fluttering. I also noticed on the way home that the boost is...
  19. Veloster Turbo Discussions
    My car has been running rough for the last few months. It doesn’t build boost as fast anymore and once I hit max boost it either cuts or my turbo starts sputtering like the turbines are being push backwards. Would a worn wastage or diverter valve cause something like this to happen?
  20. Veloster Turbo Discussions
    When I turn on my VT Turbo 2015 all stock (just an intake) in the morning I notice a little misfire it feels like a coil. This misfire its just when it turn on in the morning it last like 3 seconds after that the car run normal. What it could be?
1-20 of 89 Results