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  1. Spare ECU

    For Sale
    Selling my spare ECU for $50. It was a custom tune from Tork for my 2016 DCT, stage 1. You’ll need it VIN matched to work on your car. Buyer pays shipping or picks up. Located in Boynton Beach, FL.
  2. 2015 Veloster Turbo Misfire

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    I have a 2015 Veloster Turbo (auto), currently at 59,000 miles. Car started to do a weird misfire when I press the gas pedal at 70% +.Tried 93 fuel with fuel additives to clean fuel injectors and replaced with Denso Spark Plugs (with the correct gap), but it was still misfiring. Took it to the...
  3. my Veloster n performance buying experience

    Member Rides / Build Threads
    hello fellow Veloster members. I came to talk about how horrible Hyundai was when I was about to buy the Veloster n performance package I work for union pacific railroad and we get discounts on car buying from all manufacturers. and I have kept my eye on the Veloster n. first of all 29,000 is a...
  4. Waste gate or perhaps blow-off valve fluttering

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    So I have a question, I have done all these mods to my car, not sure what stage I am running or if there is even a stage I fall under. I have done the following, 1) Installed cat back magnaflow exhaust 2) K&N cold air intake kit 3) front strut bar 4) seoulfulracing tune 5) 2 stage colder plugs...
  5. Hyundai reveals race-ready Veloster concept for SEMA

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Found this online - dont know if already posted. Hyundai reveals race-ready Veloster concept for SEMA | Top Gear
  6. Future Veloster Turbo owner

    Hello, I wanted to introduce myself; My name is John, I'm from Central Florida & I'm in the market for a new car! I currently own a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer (non-turbo with a bunch of Evolution GSR featured including Recaro's), but I am leaning away from Mitsubishi. My dad & girlfriend both own...
  7. Purchase Information And Product Details

    Eurocharged Performance
    Let me start off by saying thank you for everyone's interest in our tune so far we plan to release more products soon as well. As many of you have noticed the Veloster Turbo is not listed on our website, this is due to our webmaster not updating our old website so that he can focus on our...
  8. Veloster turbo Cargo box

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    So I picked up a Thule Cargo box, a Pulse M size to be exact. I haven't been able to locate any pictures of how it would look anywhere so ill throw a few up that i took quickly after putting it on yesterday. Time to go camping! rday.
  9. MARCH FADness Sale!

    Felonious Assault Design
    Well, it's March. And I am overstocked.'s time for a clearance event and why not call it March FADness?! Let's start off with these: CUSTOM VT GRAPHIC Ts Here's your chance to get one of only 24 of these made! I have ONE XL and ONE L available for purchase. These are charcoal...
  10. GAUGING INTEREST: VT Embroidered Fitted Cap

    Felonious Assault Design
    FELONIOUS ASSAULT DESIGN IS LOOKING TO OFFER: EMBROIDERED VT CAPS! These will be New Era 39THIRTY style fitted caps. I will likely have a couple color options. Pricing for these look to be around $17-20 and I'm still working on the best shipping for these. If you are interested please...
  11. FOR SALE: VT Knit Beanies!

    Felonious Assault Design
    FELONIOUS ASSAULT DESIGN WILL NOW OFFER: VT KNIT BEANIES! Cold weather is upon us and these are a great way to keep warm and show off your VT pride and support! Thanks to a good show of interest, I will now be taking orders for these. These will be made from a high quality 100% acrylic...
  12. MBRP Catback Exhaust Video(Finally)

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    Well I've had the exhaust on for about a month now, I got the 409 steel version of the MBRP exhaust. Fitment was kind of a PITA but after a few hours I got it on correctly. I'm just now finally getting around to posting a sound clip of it, hopefully it hasn't already been posted by someone else...

    Felonious Assault Design
    FOR THOSE OF US BEGINNING TO EXPERIENCE COLD WEATHER: VT BEANIES ARE UP FOR CONSIDERATION FELONIOUS ASSAULT IS LOOKING TO OFFER THE FOLLOWING: I am looking at a price point of $14 plus shipping to get these made. The beanies will be approximately 8.5" long. They are knit from a durable...
  14. More F.A.D FRIDAY Deals!

    Felonious Assault Design
    HERE'S ANOTHER F.A.D. FRIDAY DEAL! VELOSTER LANYARDS ARE OVERSTOCKED! Help me make some room for F.A.D. fun, these are available for $4.50 shipped (lower 48)! Comment here for the fastest response. Or, go HERE and get a sweet VT T aaaaand one of these lanyards for FREE!
  15. FLASH SALE! Embroidered HOODIES For Sale!

    Felonious Assault Design
    FELONIOUS ASSAULT DESIGN IS OFFERING: A limited release Embroided Hoodie! Available in either Black Or White These will be available to the first 5 orders paid. The price on these hoodies will be $38 plus $6 shipping (lower 48). Sizes available will be S-2X ($2.50 up charge for 2x)...
  16. Its been far too long.....whats new?

    Felonious Assault Design
    A new house in a new city with a new job and losing a family member got me out of touch here. What's been new guys? I'll be looking to get back on track here Making some goodies for you VT lovers. Now that the weather is getting cool (for some of us); I'll be looking at making up some VT...
  17. FOR SALE: Carbon Fiber Inserts

    Felonious Assault Design
    Felonious Assault Designs will now offer: CARBON FIBER INSERTS FOR YOUR VT! Choose from inserts for: your cup holders Both your driver's and rear door pulls: Or buy a full kit! Each piece will be shipped with a removable protective film and will have a carpeted backing...
  18. FLASH SALE: Limited Release; VT Embroidered Polos; Tonight Only!

    Felonious Assault Design
    A few members here have shown an interest in having a VT inspired, embroidered polo. For tonight only, until 11PM, there will be a flash sale for these! There will be an initial groupbuy for 5 of these polos below available for pre-order. The above is a proof of what the embroidery is...
  19. FOR SALE: Carbon Fiber VT Push Button Accessory

    Felonious Assault Design
    Felonious Assault Design will now offer a die cut carbon fiber ring for your VT's push button start. The actual piece is pictured below: These will be shipped with a protective film. The price for these rings will be set at $10 shipped for the lower 48. Members in Canada can add $3...
  20. GAUGING INTEREST: Carbon Fiber Ring for Push Start

    Felonious Assault Design
    This thread will be gauging interest for a die cut true carbon fiber ring to be placed around the push button start of your VT. The actual part will be slightly wider than the prototype shown here: If there is enough response here, I will order material to begin production. Please...