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  1. Veloster Performance
    Had a dumb idea today. Since it seems like the easiest way to get a 50/50 mix of water to methanol is to buy cold weather washer fluid, could you theoretically use the washer fluid resevoir already in the car as a tank to store the WMI mixture? Has anyone tried this before?
  2. 1st Gen ('14) VT Build

    Complete mod list: 18X8 SPARCO TERRA RALLY GOLD rims, continental super sport tires, ceramic performance brakes, M&S Front mesh grille, dual hi/low tone yellow horns, Black spoiler lip kit, LED head lights, RBG spectrum fog lights, DC sports hood pins. DGR Suspension Coilovers - Street 6k/4k ...
  3. For Sale
    Snow Performance Stage 2 Boost Cooler Forced Induction Progressive Water-Methanol Injection Kit (Red High Temp Nylon Tubing, Quick-Connect Fittings) Never used, in original box. Box looks a little worn/torn but the kit is Perfect. Located in Des Moines, IA $400 for pick up or ship preferred...
  4. For Sale
    so now that most all know I have traded the VT....I finally got around to taking a few pics to post here with my user name.... This is all I have left.... Blue engine dress up kit (will not prevent LSPI) $10 + shipping Rear Camber kit (Pierce kit) SOLD
1-4 of 4 Results