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  1. Rally Edition VT Ray's Wheel Spacers

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    Hi all! New to the forum, and as of the last 6 months a new Veloster Rally Edition owner! I've tried searching whether the 18x7.5" Ray's GramLights that come with the Rally Edition would allow for wheel spacers? From what I've read, stock VT wheels have little cut outs to fit the spacers nice...
  2. Wheel/Tire Setup Advice

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    Hello everyone, I need advice on these wheel specs and tires I’m planning to put on my 2014 Veloster. I’ve done some research on these forums and it has helped me quite a bit. I wanted some advice and better understanding on this specific setup. I have three options on the same wheel but...
  3. Plasti Dip Fun: Wheels & emblems (lots o' pictures)

    Veloster Appearance
    Spent my President's Day having some fun with plasti dip. I did my wheels (stock 2016), emblems and the front lip (don't have a great pic of that... it's just black instead of gray). First, cleaned and mask front and rear emblems (I shoved a plastic bag behind the front emblem, wasn't too keen...
  4. 2014 VT Stock RIMs for Sale (All or 1) - 25K Miles -Stand. Wear/Tear *High Res Pics*

    For Sale
    Hello, I picked up some Konigs for the VT and want to make space in the garage for the stocks. These have standard wear on them for a car with $25k miles and some minor scratches - I took some very detailed pics so there are NO SURPRISES, but at first glance I feel like these RIMs are in near...
  5. Winter Set UP Tire and Rim Combo $800

    For Sale
    Im selling 4 wheels and 4 tires. Used this set as my winter set up but I just sold my veloster so i don't have a use for these anymore, I used these last winter for about 3 months, they are practically brand new, I think i paid $1300 or so for this set up. Sensors are included as well. You just...
  6. For Sale Lots of stock parts and cosmo shifter for sale

    For Sale
    Hey guys I am currently in the process of cleaning out my garage. Here is what I have to sell so far. There may be more to come. Prices are negotiable i'm just spit balling. I will most likely accept offers as long as they arent insulting. First up is stock wheels. Wheels have about 12,000...
  7. Rubbing Issues. HELP!!

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hello, I am still pretty new to the forum but I know this is the place to be to get any answers. I have a plain jane stock VT with 19x8.5 vossen cv3's all around and it is very aggressive and vossen suggested I get different wheels but this is the look I wanted. Now, I took multiple people...
  8. Replacing Studs on Spacers

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    Hey, so i snapped a few of my studs on my spacers and i'm looking to replace the studs all around on the spacers. My spacers are 20mm I read that the m12x1.5 stock studs overall lenght front:49mm, so logic would dictate I require studs that are 69mms in length. My logic isnt always sound so im...
  9. For Sale Lots of AFTERMARKET VT parts!

    For Sale
    so now that most all know I have traded the VT....I finally got around to taking a few pics to post here with my user name.... This is all I have left.... Blue engine dress up kit (will not prevent LSPI) $10 + shipping Rear Camber kit (Pierce kit) SOLD
  10. What rims are these?

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    Does anyone have a idea what brand rims these are?
  11. For Sale BC Forged RS 31 Matte Black 18x8

    For Sale
    Selling my perfect condition BC Forged RS31 wheels in Matte Black. By far one of my favorite wheels. Had them on the car for 5.5 months (~5,000miles). Absolutely NO CURB RASH on any of the 4 wheels. Wheels have been stored in protective plastic since they have been removed from my Veloster Turbo...
  12. Best Wheel Size On Stock Suspension

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    Hi Everyone, I skimmed the will they fit thread and i couldn't find exactly what i was looking for, so i ask you this: What is the best wheel size/ tire size combo (best looking with no rubbing or many other worries) with what offset best fits the stock suspension of the VT. Please post pics...
  13. What you think of these rims..

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    i've found the right rims for "Marty"...what do you think? after months of searching i've be ordering these: DAI Alloy DW48 weas quoted just over 1300 for rim&tire package. wanted to get thse but they are to much $$$ 19 Ray’s Gram Lights Xtreme57
  14. Any Stock Rims for Sale?

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Well... I did something stupid and scratched up one of the rims pretty bad on a curb. I'm looking to see if anyone who maybe replaced or upgraded their rims might be looking to sell a single stock one to me? Preferably in the Houston area, so we don't have to ship it - but depending on the price...
  15. Stock Wheels For Sale, Will sell cheap if you pick up instead of shipping.

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys just looking to free up some garage space, have 4 turbo wheels for sale one has slight curb rash the other 3 are perfect; If you guys want them let me know :) I'm not opposed to shipping but I'd prefer if we can meet up to sell. I'm in Maryland, USA
  16. New Wheels, Need to pull fenders [Need Suggestions]

    Member Rides / Build Threads
    I know this is controversial among everyone so if you don't like slammed cars and tucked wheels please just don't post about how dumb it is or what have ya ;) Anyway got some new wheels And wanted your guys advice on how to pull the fenders, they have to come out a lot due to the fixed...
  17. What would you choose (wheels)?

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    So I found a style of rims I really like I just don't know which way I want to go. My VT is matte grey and I was thinking these Concept 10's in the matte black or bronze look quite nice. Just looking for some more opinions! If you want to scavenge the internet to find me something that looks...
  18. Veloster Wheels

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hey guys, Sorry if this is already in a thread but I could not find anything. So I am looking at getting some Avant Garde M310's. My question is if I get a 18x8.5 can I get my stock tires to fit? I am doing a +35 or that is my plan. Sorry for the Noob question but I am not that good at the tire...
  19. Need wheels/tires advice

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys so I am posting this cause I am not sure what to do...I really really want these wheels that I thought they didn't sell in the States then I found a guy who is starting to sell them in the country. The downside is he does not have the 18x8 et35 5x114 in stock however they could get it...
  20. Let Me See 'Em

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hello everyone, new member from Texas I'm thinking of plastidipping my turbo wheels but don't see very many pics. Hit me up with some pics YAWL!