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  1. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hello all, I recently acquired a 2014 Veloster Turbo, with 165k miles. I knew when I bought it that it was misfiring, hooked up to an OBD scanner and it said cylinder 1 and 3 were misfiring. Swapped the ignition coils from 1 and 3 to 2 and 4, and it started misfiring on those two cylinder. I...
  2. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    so I have a “problem” that I’ve had for awhile with my VT. Keep in mind that this hasn’t necessarily affected my drivability or performance since I’ve had the issue (about 20,000 ish miles with it) but every now and then I have white smoke just coming out of the exhaust in like a drive thru...
1-2 of 2 Results