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  1. Complete Guide: Tanabe Boost Gauge, AeroForce Door Pod & 6EE Vacuum Block Install

    Veloster Turbo DIY
    I've searched high and low for a good boost gauge install on this (and several other) websites and I've yet to find one that was a complete start-to-finish guide that even someone who's never picked up a wrench would feel comfortable following along with. I bought my Tanabe boost gauge...
  2. HELP: install Kenwood DNX8160 to Veloster with dimension system

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    good morning everybody i one a veloster turbo 2013 with the dimension audio system and i like to install the Kenwood DNX8160 :) i've found a company which sells car stereos and installs it in germany ( (i live in switzerland) i've told them that i want this stereo and they offered me...
  3. Hyundai Veloster Dome Light Wire? For Puddle light or Footwell Lighting

    Veloster Electronics
    HI i just wanna know if anyone have figure out where are the wires underneath the dash, i know where to find it up above the dome light base on this article (How to install LEDs under dash?) but i would like to know if anyone have figure out if the wires are also connected underneath or are...
  4. Completed Amp->Speakers wiring chart with connectors and colors

    Veloster Electronics
    I'm hoping that a mod will see this and sticky it. It will come in handy for anyone looking to replace the stock speakers, headunit, or amplifier. I put the information together out of curiosity, and now I'd like to share it with as many people as possible. I thought the OP of a new thread would...