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I went to test drive an evo and they said the same thing. Id never buy a car without test driving it first.
When I went to test drive my VT, they wouldn't even let me drive it either unless I commit to buying it. I told them the same thing, I'm not going to commit to buy it if I can't test drive it. I asked the sales guy, "What if I don't like the way it drives?" and he didn't say anything. They must have thought the VT was a GTR or Porsche. I walked away and they ended up letting me test drive it and I bought it afterwards. I'm sure they were glad not to let me walk away.

However, somewhat on topic, I will be running my car in a month or two also. Still need a dp & bov first before running. My stock bpv isn't holding boost in the higher gears anymore...bleeding boost away!
1 - 6 of 307 Posts
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