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0-60 and 1/4 miles times

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For what its worth. Via an in car GPS based tracking application.

I was able to pull a 0-60mph in 6.0sec flat ( with moderate wheel spin in 1st ) and a 1/4 mile in 15.0sec @ 91mph .. ( forgot to take traction control off, can probably pull off 14.8sec on a good launch )

Both runs were done with 1/4 tank of gas 89 octane. Its also pretty chilly here. 45*F at the time of testing.
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Disappointed in my times, even though I didn't launch it worth a $*!# I still should have ran a 14.5-14.6. This was before I did the boost hack, so maybe the solenoid was messing me up.

2014 VT Automatic

TS Intake
Tork resonator delete pipe
ERZ catless downpipe
Tork Stage 1 tune

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Ambient temperature: 88F
Altitude: 27'
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Slow traps speeds....
Yea, that's what I was thinking too. Idk what the problem is, it didn't really feel slow until I put the FMIC on. I checked everything, it's not leaking. I did the boost hack mod today after I got back from the track. It feels faster, but not where it should be imo. Something is still wrong.
An ambient temp of 88* usually translates into terrible density altitude (DA) values, which mean suboptimal running conditions.
Yeah, but that's not why I was running so slow. I found a boost leak on the BPS and also the BOV retaining ring wasn't fully seated. Also that was on the stock solenoid, I'm now running on the boost hack. Probably 2-3psi worth of boost leaking off, not to mention spool time significantly worse.
Understood, but it's still a factor and nobody has brought it up before in any of the drag-related threads here. Just putting it out there for the benefit of all. If you are serious about drag racing, monitoring DA is a must.
Yea I know about DA. I don't think it made me lose half a second though.
Pretty sad here to. Just come back from the track and best time was 15.3 I got all bolt on except the fmic. I also run boost hack and stickier tires.
I suspect a leak :-(
You have so many mods, it's hard to say which would be the culprit. I would start with putting the stock BPV back on (using solenoid) and then try again.
Solenoid bypass is bad?
Idk, my car didn't like it.
It gives the BOV a direct vacuum source instead of relying on the ECU to tell the solenoid when to give vacuum. In essence ECU controlled boost vs mechanical. Technically boost is controlled by the wastegate, but it also bleeds off boost at the BOV if it thinks it needs to.
How about leaving my hks but connected to the solenoid
You can try it. Do you have the torque app?
Yeah what do you suggest
Monitor before and after boost pressure. If you know how to make a log do that and you can compare them side by side.
How to make log with torque% apps?
Hit the 3 dots in the bottom right and go to settings. Scroll all the way down until you see "Select what to log". Tap the 3 dots at the bottom right and then "Add PID". Select the sensors you want to monitor, boost is all the way at the bottom "Turbo Boost Gauge".

Now go back to the home screen of Torque. Hit the 3 dots and "Toggle Logging". Then tap it again when you want to stop. In order to read the logs you need to email them to yourself.
OK just saw how to do it. Going to try it. Just read some log from last week. Was running the highway max boost i see is 18lbs it show like 181 hp with 256 Torque lolll
The hp/tq is not accurate, but it can show differences *sometimes*.
A/T or manual?
60' and trap speed?
Got owned by my friend Gti with his dsg tranny
The GTI DSG is about 3-4 tenths faster in the 1/4 than their manual. It's simply the best transmission out right now.
Do you have the timeslips?
How high up do you live? Your trap speed indicates poor density altitude.
But still.... Gti stock is quicker than my bolt on mod VT :-(
That's completely normal. I had a manual GTI and I ran 14.6 bone stock. I live below sea level.
I also don't get the fact that stock VT is having same results of me
Too many factors that we don't know about. You can see up to a half second difference just based on where the run was done and the temps/humidity. If the two runs were not done at the same track on the same day, then you can't compare them.
I'm not saying you are just that full bolt ons ( including fmic) make a large difference
I think it's important to clarify when posting dynographs/timeslips as a way to show gains, not a way to show maximum numbers. He probably did gain power, but from what baseline?

When I lived in Colorado Springs I ran a full second slower than in Louisiana. Some people don't understand that, you can't compare two different cars in two different locations/conditions.
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At the track right now, waiting for them to finish prepping the track. Will update as events unfold. OothommioO is here too, will try to race him.

Brought both stock intake (with blox filter) and turbosocks(with blox filter). Gonna see which is faster
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