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0-60 and 1/4 miles times

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For what its worth. Via an in car GPS based tracking application.

I was able to pull a 0-60mph in 6.0sec flat ( with moderate wheel spin in 1st ) and a 1/4 mile in 15.0sec @ 91mph .. ( forgot to take traction control off, can probably pull off 14.8sec on a good launch )

Both runs were done with 1/4 tank of gas 89 octane. Its also pretty chilly here. 45*F at the time of testing.
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Damn man that's a big diff is the vacc happen to me once the stock hose was burned on the side idk from what my vac was at 12 instead of the usual 17-19
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I'd hate to go here but did you get tuned on spare ecu?
we have already talked the tune is not going to just randomly change afr's and timing without input from the car changing
Ok I wasn't trying to blame at all just wasn't sure if he checked. You all tuned my car and it's perfectly fine just asking to see if he checked that possibility you know more than me and I accept that lol
Are you guys running with if without the solenoid?
I'm not running boost hack so solenoid yes
Ugh reading these post makes me want to head to the track and go for 13s. Last run was 14.0 :( then clutch went a month later I've only gone about 5 times never really hard launched or power shifted so I'm sure now with these lighter wheels and if I launch properly I can hit 13s!!! Maybe when I can afford a back up clutch I'll starr playing more
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Do the TB coolant bypass mod. Easy 10-15* F drop in IATs.
I have to find time to find the thread and do it I've been wanting to haven't had time :(
Maybe some new results to discuss tonight?

Cmon details please!! Hah
Don't think I ever posted my last slip here Text Document Paper Font Paper product
I'm the one on left from a bit ago
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Thanks and I know but scared to go until I have money for a clutch. Don't know if my first one went from me or just bad clutch... gonna wait till it gets cooler as well. Too hot here! Hopefully my lighter wheels will help a lot as well
You are Tune for sure to get 14.04
Yes I am lol
What was your 60 foot time?
will check the slip and add it here
the slip would tell you where you should practice, usually launch, i was still on stocks.. waiting for it to get cooler and maybe by then i need new tires and will go againt to see if i can hit thirteens
good to see your trap speed is getting there
Hopefully better when it's colder out!
I've tried with both and if I leave the traction on I noticed close to a half second slower than if I just used my own foot and clutch to manage the spin
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I hope to see you back on the track soon!
Won't be till next year. Tires I will be needing soon still on stocks lol so when I get those and have money for the new clutch. I will be breaking 13s trust me haha
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