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0-60 and 1/4 miles times

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For what its worth. Via an in car GPS based tracking application.

I was able to pull a 0-60mph in 6.0sec flat ( with moderate wheel spin in 1st ) and a 1/4 mile in 15.0sec @ 91mph .. ( forgot to take traction control off, can probably pull off 14.8sec on a good launch )

Both runs were done with 1/4 tank of gas 89 octane. Its also pretty chilly here. 45*F at the time of testing.
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my m6 vt hit a 15.13 in the 1/4 mile. i wasnt much impressed. but there after been getting some nice street rolling action and so far i have not lost. volks turbo, scion, mazda turbo, even a nice 05 chevy diesel truck with programmer. 2nd gear pull is a beast!
I know this might be a stupid question... But how would having traction control off help the time? Whenever I take it off I usually spin the tires more and it takes longer to gain speed? Only thing better is that when I shift there's no annoying "Errr" noise lol
In my experience, traction control cuts off power to the wheels when enabled like fuel cut. You're going to have to learn to launch and feather that throttle to prevent spinning the tires.
The whole tire spin deal sux but what sux even more is the fact that when u power-shift in an m6, the darn RPMs fall face flat to 5000-55000 . Anyone know why that happens? I for one think that's what kills our performance.
my m6 vt hit a 15.13 in the 1/4 mile. i wasnt much impressed. but there after been getting some nice street rolling action and so far i have not lost. volks turbo, scion, mazda turbo, even a nice 05 chevy diesel truck with programmer. 2nd gear pull is a beast!
Man best I got was a 15.7 I cant launch at my track. The prep they have on it is super sticky. I either grip and it bogs or I wheel hop put the frame. How are you launching? I dont have much of a problem launching on the street.
i cant dump the clutch either at our local track. just like yours its super sticky and all i get is wheel hop and it sounds terrible. i just take off smooth for about 2 seconds then just release the darn clutch. but yup, on the streets its totally different. i do spin but i try my best to rev just enough to get little tire spin.
yea frank if you got that 60 ft down to like a 2 you'd be seeing low 14s which is awesome lol.. i wish i had a damn track close to me :(
I'm going to invest in some new bolt ons and tires this summer while I'm getting paid my full GI bill lol. I haven't been able to get the below 14.8 again since that time. I can pull off 15.00s all day though. My track is never very well dressed on Fridays I do get a lot of wheel hop if I don't feather very well though. I hope the intercooler and downpipe help make my times more consistent
Anyone know any good apps that will measure this for iphone?

Something that compares to torque pro or speedview?
My buddy in his 2003 Acura 3.2CL (non Type-S) guaranteed he will be me in a heads up race. He's all stock and auto. I have an Injen SRI and 6M/T. I've never driven down the 1/4 at a track but I have driven the VT hard.

Couple questions for launching at the track: I'm assuming have traction OFF and try to slip between 2-3k RPM right? Avoid burnout box and a burnout all together. Any other tips for a solid launch and attempt at a decent 60'? Our track is usually very well prepped and temps should be around 85F when we race. I have no expectations but when someone guarantees a victory with that type of car I'm going balls to the walls lol
All good tips, thanks man. I'm going to try some launches before to get the hang of easing on the throttle. Just to confirms, no need to burnout prior to staging, right?
Got it :)
Your response is awesome man.. its worthy of being in a movie!!

Are you still on the stock rear motor mounts? If so, wheel hop city if you try to launch hard on a prepped strip. Better to be smooth and let the wheels hook and smoothly roll on the throttle, try not to mash the pedal to the floor until you're in third (then mash).

You can play around with tire pressure. Definitely TC off. Disable the upper clutch connector for more solid shifts and less throttle lag.

He will probably severely outlaunch you the first pass or two until you get your launching strategy down, although you may be able to run him down. If you keep it close when you launch, you'll be able to walk him up high.

Shift at 6000-6200 RPM, don't go all the way to redline. You should also experiment with shifting at 5000 RPM to avoid the 5500 RPM power dip. Look at some of the stock dyno graphs floating around to get a feel for where your shift points should be.

If you want to be extra sneaky, bring a spray bottle with 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% water and spray your IC down between runs and don't let the car idle, although once you stage and everything, the effect will probably be minimal. 1/3 to 1/2 a tank of gas to keep the weight down; take as much crap out (floor mats, rear deck lid, trunk mat, inflator kit/styrofoam, rear seat headrests, manuals and other stuff from the glove box & center console) as possible before you head to the track...
When is the cage match?

You could also consider putting in a good DOT4 clutch fluid and pure synth 5W30. I prefer the AMSOIL fluids myself. As far as tire pressures go, high in back, lower than normal in front. If there's no air fillup station, just run whatever.
Thursday night is our local Test and Tune. It rained last week so we're hoping the weather is good to us this week. I'm running Castrol GTX full synthetic already. I was planning on dropping a few pounds in the front tires for a little extra grip. I need to get gas in the morning because I'm out, is it worth putting a half tank of premium in it? I usually run 87
I honestly think that even with full bolt ons we wont be in the mid 13s.
Full bolt ons and a tune and the car will do 13s but without the tune probably wont happen
I'm ordering a core ecu as soon as my GIBill gets deposited in the morning and I will be going to the track the Friday after I get it in and installed. I think with just the intake and exhaust done I won't get below 14's but I think consistent mid to low 14's is possible with what I have. Next month I plan on having full bolt ons can't wait to show back up to the track and actually pull some decent times
Ordered ECU this morning cant wait to hit the track up!
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C'mon, Petey, crush that 3.2 CL!
We believe in you!
C'mon, Petey, crush that 3.2 CL!
We believe in you!
Back from the track way too early thanks to your everyday Florida thunderstorms. I was only able to make two passes, which really sucks. It was my first time and I need more practice on the tree. The first run was my best and the green came quicker than I expected so I kind of clutched dropped. Second run was a perfectly smooth launch. Also since we expected rain they only prepped they left lane so no heads up racing. My buddy made three passes to my two.

Drum roll please.............................

VT 6M/T best 1/4 mile 15.1 at 91.2 mph
Acura CL best 1/4 mile 16.4 at 83.5 mph

Hooray!!!! I feel like I can definitely get to 14.8 or so. Gotta go back again. It was fun for the 30 seconds of track time :p

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