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10fintec: Magnaflow #12866 Custom Exhaust Install

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VT modded with a mix of the original stock stainless steel pipes, swapped out the stock resonator, with a Magnaflow #12866 5" round muffler, with Vibrant stainless steel mandrel bent pipes.

Opted for the above muffler, to provide deeper/lower exhaust note, with no rasp (unlike the more popular #10426).

All were TIG welded "stack of dimes" to ensure no rust, and no loose fittings/rattles.

Check out 10fintec (Anthony) work:
Auto part Muffler Cylinder Machine Exhaust system
Auto part
Auto part Pipe Automotive exhaust Exhaust manifold Exhaust system
Automotive exhaust Auto part Muffler Exhaust system Catalytic converter
Pipe Auto part Fuel line Automotive exhaust Exhaust manifold
Pipe Auto part Fuel line Engine Metal

No drone, and only under WOOT is the exhaust going to intrude into the interior

Loving it, will see in about a week how the exhaust note adjusts after settling a bit more :)
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Here are some pics of other 10fintec custom fab works for the Genesis coupe, with some of that installed in my friends car:
Auto part Automotive exhaust Exhaust manifold Exhaust system Muffler
Automotive exhaust Exhaust manifold Exhaust system Auto part Metal
Auto part Automotive exhaust Muffler Exhaust manifold Tool accessory
Auto part Pipe Metal Steel Engine
Product Auto part Iron Cylinder Metal

Pipe Auto part Exhaust system Muffler Vehicle
Automotive exterior Electronics Bumper Machine
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This is quick video I shot on the way back to work from lunch today, using my Samsung Galaxy Note mounted to the dash-mounted SGN dock.

I will try to follow up with additional videos to better capture the exhaust note from exterior, drive-by, etc.
Here is another video clip I forgot, which was filmed while Anthony was working on the rear half (cat-back) portion of the custom exhaust:

Better sound clip

Another video clip demonstrating the various exhaust tones while driving through a neighborhood.

Thought I would post this here for those who are thinking about a "custom" vs. ready made exhaust set up (ie: Magnaflow, SOLO, Borla, Pico) that frees up the back pressure for the Veloster Turbo

Opinions good or bad are welcome :)

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