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12v source to light boost gauge?

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any idea where/what wire to tap into?
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Do you want the lamp on whenever under power or just at night?
at night when I turn on my lights
Use your tail light fuse either right or left will work
where is that and how do you tap into a fuse?
Sorry, I am a noob.

Use your tail light fuse either right or left will work
Google fuse taps they plug right into your fuse box that located on the bottom left of the steering wheel just pull the fuse from one of the taillight fuses and plug in the fuse tap and boom good to go :)
Looks like autozone has them
Cooper Bussmann/ATM fuse tap (BP-HHH-RP) | Fuse and Accessories |
Technology Auto part Electronic device Cable Electronics accessory

Cheap and the best to use for tapping a fuse :D

There should be a diagram of what all the fuses are under your dash.
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Bought mine at O'Reilly, mini fuse adapter, yes, and I stuck both 10 and 7.5 fuses in there.
Here is a pic(thx bt):
Electronics Electrical wiring Technology Electronic device Wire

Crap! Rotate this pic, sorry lol.

Red goes to 3rd one down on left side and is a SWITCHED power-source.
Orange goes 3rd up from bottom on left hand side, that'll dimm your boost gauge at night.

Hope this helps!
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