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1st gear whiny whiny?

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Does ur MT VT whine notecibly loud in first gear? Makes me think mine is defective....
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My 1st gear has become louder now that I have over 6k miles on her.

She has a fairly low 1st gear which tends to be whiny on any car - and many cars that I have owned in the past.

On the way up 1st gear is pretty quiet unless I hammer it and at redline it is as noisy as anything else because the motor and exhaust are so quiet.

On the way down 1st gear is so low that I rarely use it. The VT will launch fine in 2nd gear - especially if you are rolling at all. If I'm working my way through my parking garage and I leave it in 1st it is fairly whiny when I engage the clutch to slow her down, But that is normal.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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