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2 new wheels + 4 new tires on the way!

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So, many of you know... I got a wheel eaten by a pothole a while back and have been rockin' around on a 16" discount tire special. At the same time, the pothole bent my rear rim but not bad enough to have to replace it..

I have been waiting for a good time to buy replacement wheels and upgrade my tires.

I wanted to go for a little different look and fill out the rear more at the same time, so i went staggered o.0.. no real reason other than looks.

In the back, I am going with 18x8.75" xxr 530s with 235/40/18s and the front will be rocking the 18x7.5" xxr530s and 8mm spacers with 225/40/18s.

This setup should help me fill out the wheel wells a bit more without having to drop the car all while increasing my tire profile.

The setup should not have any stretch but it will be close in the back. Kumho usually has a bit wider profile than comparable tires. Either way, it would be a VERY minor stretch. I hate the stretch but knew a 245 would probably be a longshot with a 33mm offset 18x8.75"

I got the wonderful kumho 4x tires and am stoked to actually be able to feel the road and not deal with the sloppy solus 25 whateverthefuck they are anymore.

Will be posting pictures once installed!
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In the back, I am going with 18x8.75" xxr 530s with 235/40/18s and the front will be rocking the 18x7.5" xxr530s and 8mm spacers with 225/40/18s.

I am assuming you went with 18x8.75 +33mm correct??

Also, that wheel is going to have a GREAT concave to the rim. And being staggered, they are going to look HOT!!!!

So let me get this straight, you went with these in the rear and these in the front? If so, look at that concave for the rear.

I have a 93 accord and I have 16x7 in the front with 205/55, the rears are 16x8 and they have 225/50. That is a way bigger difference between my frontvsrear than yours, but it handles well in the twisties. But I dont think FWD, especially ones with a small wheel base, perform at their best with a staggered fitment. So you might notice the car not reacting the way you like in certain situations. This is from my experience.

BTW, 235/40R18 will have absolutely NO stretch on a 8.75" rim width. ZERO STRETCH. It is either stretched or not. And if you look at the data on tires, you will see that 235/40R18 rim width range is 8" - 9.5". Thank goodness you didn't go with 245. But depending on how low you are, you might rub in the back when you drive on certain roads because of a low offset PLUS wide rim PLUS wide tire. definitely rock the rears with NO spacers. I think they are going to poke out noticeably.

You are going to go from this
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To more like this
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Maybe not, but this I want to see for sure. So when you get everything installed. Take good pics to see fitment.
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I hope it doesn't poke out like that. but if it does you would really have to stare it to notice. that picture I posted of before and after was a huge poke and I was just saying it would go from sunk on to a little bit of poke. if it does of course. but, if you did your calculations correctly everything should be show car ready! that concave is hot bro.

man I can't wait to see your fitment. please keep us posted brotha.
And the rear are 18X8.75 +33 with a 235/40R18 correct??

Looks like zero poke from this pic

Looks good. How does it drive? feel any understeer?
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can you take a pic like this?
View attachment 6580

I just want to see the poke. if this doesn't rub at your height, I might be able to get 18x9 +36 and have the same stance as yours and if it doesn't poke then I can have it lower with a 215/40 on it.
I don't think you'll be able to stretch 215 on 9 in wide rims
Direct me if I'm wrong but I think you'll need at least 225 or 235
your right. your not suppose to stretch any tire. but I've seen people stretch a 205 on a 10" wide wheel. or something ridiculous like that. a 215 on a 9 is stretched. but only a .5" stretch.
Wouldn't it be best to try and fit more you're in the rim?
(seriously asking, not sarcasm)
says what? wouldn't it be best to try and fit more you are in the rim? sentence no worky. or I just don't get what you are asking lol
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Yeah same here, well kinda I'm moving and waiting for internet to be hooked up at new place.
Also found out it's not just auto correct, but Android has Swype which when it's working correctly, is amazing, when it doesn't you get fail post like I've been posting
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and screw swipe. I use SwiftKey :D Check it out.
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I'll check it out, as long as it's better than this
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Damn, you think you wouldn't have rubbed if you got a225 or a 215? just curious.
I went to order some wheels from Belle Tire today...they told me they wouldn't mount my stock 215s to the new 8.5" wheel because the tire wasn't wide enough. I even showed them on kuhmo's website that the tire says it can be mounted up to 8.5" wheel and they still refused? I don't think he appreciated it when I asked him what made him more qualified than the kuhmo engineers that designed the tire at determining what the max width wheel tire should be mounted on...

Wtf? I am going to try to location by my house to see what they will do.....
First off, they are complete idiots and it is probably a good thing that you walked away. Morons think they do know better than engineer. EVEN after showing them Kuhmo approves it. I would have loved to have seen their reaction when you said that lol

But you are correct, 7" to a 8.5" rim a 215 will fit on. It isn't stretched one bit. Now if you are going to try to do that on a 9" rim like I am, then yeah, no argument if they don't want to do it.

BTW, discount can get any rim. Just call and ask. They can get it more than likely.
225 would have been fine, im almost 100% positive. Not only would it have stretched a little but it would have been a tad shorter. If I could find a tire shop to swap the tires for funnies for super cheap, I would check it out.

A 215 would have worked for sure, no doubt about it.
I am considering 18X9 +36 which should be about the same geometry as your 18x8.75 +33. and it looked good on your ride as far as rim fitment. I was wondering if you were going to rub with that fat tire. But hopefully a 215/40 will ride with out rubbing. plus I'll be static so I can adjust as needed.
I hijacked it :)
So it is going to look like this
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Alloy wheel

Yeah, with a 215/40r18 it is going to look HOT HOT HOOOOT!!!!
I can not wait to see them on your white vt and your height.
Very nice find.
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