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2 new wheels + 4 new tires on the way!

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So, many of you know... I got a wheel eaten by a pothole a while back and have been rockin' around on a 16" discount tire special. At the same time, the pothole bent my rear rim but not bad enough to have to replace it..

I have been waiting for a good time to buy replacement wheels and upgrade my tires.

I wanted to go for a little different look and fill out the rear more at the same time, so i went staggered o.0.. no real reason other than looks.

In the back, I am going with 18x8.75" xxr 530s with 235/40/18s and the front will be rocking the 18x7.5" xxr530s and 8mm spacers with 225/40/18s.

This setup should help me fill out the wheel wells a bit more without having to drop the car all while increasing my tire profile.

The setup should not have any stretch but it will be close in the back. Kumho usually has a bit wider profile than comparable tires. Either way, it would be a VERY minor stretch. I hate the stretch but knew a 245 would probably be a longshot with a 33mm offset 18x8.75"

I got the wonderful kumho 4x tires and am stoked to actually be able to feel the road and not deal with the sloppy solus 25 whateverthefuck they are anymore.

Will be posting pictures once installed!
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Okay, so last night after realizing that all was great until you pack 85lbs worth of kids and 75lbs of rim/tire and tire in the car that it rubbed.. Rubbed for about an hour so I had to think on my feet quickly..

swapped the wide setup to the front, put the others on the back with the spacers. Still looks quite good and no more rubbing under any circumstance!

wider front tire/wheel makes a bit more sense on FWD anyway. I MIGHT get slightly larger spacers in the back, like custom 12mm somewhat soon.

The car feels better also with the 235's on the front.

The steering response with the Pierce dual bard strut bar + rigid collars + this tire setup is AMAZING!!

Will get a picture up real soon with this new setup :p

If you ever plan on any weight in the back, I would NOT recommend my initial setup. If you have coils/Konis with the setup I had in the rear set stiff, it might work out OK. If I were to put a 225 on the back it would have worked better but i HATE stretch.
This is not on stock suspension correct? What exactly is your suspension setup?ie: springs, coils, drop front and rear?

Yes sir....kuhmo rates the tire for up to 8.5" wheel. I will post up some pics whenever they come in and are installed.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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