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2013 Veloster Turbo

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Picked up my 2013 Veloster turbo lastnight so far I love it. Got it right off the showroom floor. Traded my 2011 Scion Tc. I drove it around today but it has been raining all day so I haven't really played around with it to much. Getting the windows tinted on Thursday, can't wait.
My wife also got a car, 2013 Sonata
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nice, and welcome to the community.
congrats jerm where you from? did your wife get the 2.0T sonata
Congratulations! Very nice. Get used to people asking about the car. Lol. It's so shinny.
And it's fun to drive.
Its a great car, do you want to mod it?
No she got the gls with a bunch of extras. She drives a good distance to work so she wanted wanted the gas mileage. Trust me I tryed to talk her into it. I'm from Cincinnati oh, actually a little north. I live really close to Kings Island amusment park

It's funny how I catch people staring at it. :)

Every car that I've had I say that I'm not going to mod but it seems that I catch the bug. I have done the cheap sri and it sounds amazing. My other cars have had full stereos and a couple other things. The stereo in the vt is pretty descent so I don't think I'll change anything.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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