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2014 1.6 veloster turbo P0017 and cyl 4 misfire

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So I had a bad head gasket no need to go in to detail. I had a machine shop do a valve job and remachine head. I replaced the head gasket and was worried because there isn’t much literature on the timing. I aligned tdc and set with cam/crank marks lined up. Started up had misfire on cyl 4 and P0017 which is a cam/crank correlation code. I did compression test cylinder 1,2,3 had 90psi, cylinder 4 had 80 psi. This seems low to me. I pulled engine back apart and all timing marks seem to line up. There is no visible damage to valves or cylinders. The machine shop I used to do valve job is very credible and very good at what they do so I don’t think they messed up setting the valves. I have to be missing something or doing something wrong. I figured I would pull it back apart and find the chain was 1 tooth off but nope.
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This can be many things and can't be answered here as this requires knowing how to do all of the job properly and be there in person. This is why you do not DIY something you can't do or use a shop not familiar with the engine.
Wow thanks for all the knowledge lol. It really can’t be much. I verified cam and crank sensors are good. I verified the the VVT solenoids work. I verified the chain isn’t stretched and tensioners aren’t damaged. I verified the timing is right and I verified the valves aren’t damaged. Only things left are the hydraulic chain tensioner could be bad. The VVT actuator on the exhaust camshaft could be bad. Or the valves weren’t set properly by machine shop. I figured there is someone who has had a problem with this in the past. But thanks again anyway
I understand, luckily im surrounded by people with in depth knowledge of this and I will have them look in person. I just didn’t know if there were any tips or if there is just something obvious im not thinking of because I have brain farts all the time.
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