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2016 Turbo - Steering Modes

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Hey everyone,

My battery was dying on my 2016 Veloster Turbo and in the gauge cluster a screen showed up for steering modes. I've owned this car since 2016 and have not seen this option before. Once I replaced the battery, the option is not there.
Going through the gauge cluster again, there is no option to change steering mode. Wondering if anyone has seen this before or if you know how to change it. I've seen other steering wheels with steering mode buttons, mine does not have that.
Wondering if it's a setting I can change through OBD.
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Not aware of steering modes that are adjustable by the end user although in the ecu tune it does have different modes based on the tune in the car.
has to be done at the dealer for sure.
I've only ever seen this when trying to turn the car on when the battery was almost dead.
Not sure if it was just a ghost of a feature on other models.
What 16 do you have? Rally, R-spec, regular VT, DCT?
What 16 do you have? Rally, R-spec, regular VT, DCT?
a 16 Regular VT, with DCT
That would have to be custom tuned into the ecu. The dealer would not even do that if they knew how and not many aftermarket tuners would likely know how or offer it even if they had the maps. Which some do but just may not know what the maps look like.
Seems like this feature did make it into certain cars, but I have no idea how exclusive it is.
I'm could also swear I saw reference to adjustable steering modes in some original promotional advertising.
I've seen what you're talking about. I have a 16 DCT and it happened in the same situation too. There are some velosters in other countries that have a button on the wheel to change it, but it doesn't look like we got it out here in the US. Which seems silly considering we must still have the software for it. No idea how to access it though sadly.
They had a button on the steering wheel on my 2013 Hyubdai Elantra GT. Too bad we don't get the option, even deep in the touch screen would be nice.
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