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I couldn't find the information on a Google search that I needed to install a JL Audio 600/1v3 amp into my son's 2020 Veloster Turbo with the Infiniti sound system (not a N model). It wasn't a problem for me as I was a professional installer for over 3 decades but I thought I'd share what I found.

The Harman factory amp is under the front passenger seat. It has 2 plugs. In my Google search I read the rear channels have a cleaner and flatter response so those are the wires I tagged for the JL Audio amps input (eventually). I first tagged the factory subwoofer wires but the results of that were total trash.

Right Rear + is Brown
Right Rear - is White
Left Rear + is Yellow
Left Rear - is Black

There is no amp turn on wire at the Harmon amp. The JL Audio current sensing feature would take anywhere from 2 seconds to 30+ seconds to turn the JL Audio amp on. Behind the driver's kick panel there are 2 white plugs, the top plug has 4 12 gauge wires in its bottom row of pins, the pin at the right bottom corner of the top plug has a 12 gauge blue wire in it and that is an Accessory output out of the ignition switch. I did not get any weird turn on pops out of the JL Audio amp. The only drawback to using that wire as a amp turn on wire is the amp will be on even when the stereo is turned off but there's a easy solution to that - don't turn the stereo off (lol).

Hopefully this helps someone out.
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