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3" Exhaust

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Would anyone be interested in a custom made 3" exhaust with your option of straight pipes from header back, to only muffler / resonator , or both? Thinking I might be able to easily make kits for 600 - 700 bucks for the full system. Just wondering how many may be interested. I'm going to make a straight pipe one for my car wed to see how it sounds and acts and will be posting a video.
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I for one think the price suggested for $600-$700 is money wasted if its all pipes, perhaps if the valuation were more in the $200-$300 then there would be greater likelihood that a few might try the 3" route, but for $600-$700, may as well go for the Magnaflow GB posted in anther forum for under $600 shipped
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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