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3rd owner engine replacement before engine failure?

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Maybe the wrong thread. My 2014 VT burns an excessive amount of oil. Sometimes a quart in 100 miles, and sometimes not for 1000 miles. I’ve changed the PCV Valve. No luck. It’s fouling spark plugs left and right. I’m currently at 95k miles. With me being the third owner I’m not sure what they’d do but since it’s my only form of transportation I’d prefer to get it replaced before it explodes. I have all my oil receipts from when I bought the car at 76k miles. The car does have a CAI and a catless downpipe. No CEL. It’s not tuned but I couldn’t imagine that fouling the plugs since it’s target LAMBDA or however you spell it. Does anyone have any experience/advice? I owe too much on the car to get rid of it. I’m worried one of these days it’s just going to burn all the oil super quickly and run the engine dry.
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That motor probably needs to be fixed if it goes through oil that quick. Also any used car I tell everyone to assume that it's tuned until you know for a fact it's not. Car probably needs a lot of TLC.
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Do not take that much negative on it.
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