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When: Sunday June 10th, 2018 1:00pm
Where: Highland Heights, KY / City BBQ \ Southwest Ohio / Northwest Kentucky \ Newport

Schedule of events:

12:30-1PM - Meet at City BBQ for lunch
2760 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, KY 41076!4d-84.2030248

2:00pm-4:30pm The Drive™

We'll be following Rt. 10 East heading to Maysville. We'll stop near Maysville for a short break. We'll head back to our starting point on various routes forming the letter W while zig zagging along.

Part 1: Getting to Rt. 10
Head South on Rt. 27.
Turn left onto Rt. 10, Rt. 10 immediately forks to the right.
* edit * due to a bridge collapse, we'll detour via Rt. 1121. Turn right onto Rt. 1121.
At the stop sign, turn left onto California Crossroads and immediately right back onto Rt. 1121.
When Rt. 1121 ends, turn right onto Rt. 10.

Part 2: The Drive East
We'll follow Rt. 10 East all the way until it meets up Rt. 9 near Maysville.
Near Powerville take a left to continue on Rt. 10.
Next town is Brookville, we'll need to take a right to continue onto Rt. 10.
At Germantown, turn left to continue on Rt. 10.
Once we reach Rt. 9 (AA Highway), turn right onto Rt. 9/10 which merge.
We'll stop at the Speedway at the Rt. 62 and Rt. 9/10 intersection. In order to enter the Speedway, turn right onto Rt. 10 and right again into Speedway. The speedway address is as follows:
1425 U.S. 68, Maysville, KY 41056
We'll take a 15-20 minute break here to regroup and get refreshments.

Part 3: The Drive West, the "W"
Head South onto Rt. 62 West. We'll turn right onto Rt. 62 when it splits from BUS 68.
At Mt. Olive turn right to continue on Rt. 62.
We'll turn right onto Rt. 165.
Soon after, we take another right onto Rt. 875.
When 875 ends, we'll turn left onto Rt. 10 West.
At Brooksville turn left onto Rt.10
Do not follow Rt. 10, we'll continue straight onto Rt. 19.
Soon after the split, we'll turn left onto Rt. 165.
Near the end of 165, continue to stay on Rt. 165, forks to right.
When 165 ends, turn right onto Rt. 62.
Then we'll turn right onto Rt. 19.
Turn left onto Rt. 539.
And finally turn left onto Rt. 22. This will be the final "twisty road" on this drive.

Part 4: The return
Turn right into Rt. 27 and had back to City BBQ for final farewells.

Facebook link for those that use the calendar feature

1) GreyhoundVT ( Gencoupe/VSport Ohio/GLGC/Veloster Ohio)
2) FRAv (
3) Danny S. (Ohio Velosters)
4) George N. (Ohio Velosters)
5) Rawe (
6) Tony R. (Cincy GenCoupe)
7) Jake S. (Cincy GenCoupe)
8) Kent K. (Cincy GenCoupe)
9) Bryan S. (Cincy GenCoupe)


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does it have to be shitty bbq?! :/
Ill go as long as nothing comes up

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Preview of some of the roads

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No full sized Greyhound @77lbs and retired racer, but he passed away two years ago from bone cancer.

Here are some pics of the crazy lazy guy


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Just over a week to go! Any other local to Southwest Ohio or Northern Kentucky up the the awesome drive.

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Here is more videos of twisty roads, don't miss this awesome driving experience.

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