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7500 miles in and noticed some nice changes, time for mods?

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I currently have around 8700 miles on my car. The only mods I have done is the clutch switch and to remove the magnet from the air box. Around the 7500 mark I thought the exhaust sounded a little louder and continued to get louder until about 8k or so. A friend even asked if I had done anything to it since he noticed it as well. It sounds much better than when I first got the car, which makes me want an aftermarket exhaust even more now that I've had a taste of better sound.

The other interesting thing I noticed is the sucking sound from the intake. I only hear it when my windows are down, perhaps it's due to the magnet being removed but the sound is pretty fun. However that makes me wonder how loud that sound is for aftermarket intakes. It's a nice sound for sure, but this is my only car and a daily driver so I don't know if I could handle the louder vacuum sound all the time.

Has anyone else noticed these types of things? I have been thinking about getting an intake and exhaust, any input on what it's like daily driving with these louder mods?
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I've got a handful of mods, and I'm very very much NOT a mechanic, or gearhead, nor do I know a lot of the proper terms... so if you're looking for a "joe blow" opinion on things, I'm your man :)
That's precisely the kind of opinions I would like. I think I would enjoy the exhaust sound but the intake I'm still up in the air about. There's a guy talking about installing Turbosocks FMIC with a stock intake. I'm watching that to see what happens there.
Any video, even if just at idle, wouldn't hurt. I've heard some from outside the car, I'm more curious about inside.
I'll see about getting an inside the car vid later
Thanks for the videos, I appreciate it. Should make a decision much much easier.
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