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845 Down Pipe

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Hey Guys,

I'm pretty new to the mod thing so half the stuff will probably sound wrong so work with me here. I've got as 2013 VT A/T, with a Magnaflow catback and a Turbosocks CAI. I recently purchased an 845 Catless downpipe, and tried to install it with a friend of mine who knows far more about cars myself. We got the stock cat off fine, only to find that we needed to also remove the elbow(?) from the cat to the turbo itself. This is where we found that the two bolts contained rust, but tried to get the nuts of anyway. Long story short, the bolt snapped clear off and disappeared. We didn't want to go along with the install because if the 2nd bolt came off, I'd be riding around with nothing until we got it resolved. I guess what I need to know is what size that bolt is so I can purchase another one. ANy help is highly appreciated!!! :eagerness::eagerness::eagerness:
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thanks for the open arm welcome :smile:
i opted for the 845 dp because people on the forum seemed to like his stuff. i was unaware that it replaced both the stock dp and the elbow, but it does make it a full turbo back exhaust then if that sounds right? just not sure of the size of that bolt itself.
i would imagine so. again, i apologize for my ignorance in what I'm talking about, but the actual stud that we were trying to screw the nut off of fell clear off.
little tricky to tell from this diagram, but I'd like to say that you're more than likely correct. would that be where part #4 from diagram 1 meets part #3 in diagram 2?
You know I think so I am going to see Jim this morning at Pierce Motorsports and we have to fix my exhaust so I can ask him and I also can look underneath my car and see. But I am pretty sure that is correct.
you have zero idea how much of a HUGE help that would be to me! you can either post back here or personal message me when you get the chance and answer!
I also have the 845 waiting for an install, after reading about your experience, I am DEFINITELY going to take it to the shop now, did yours come with extra gaskets? Or are we supposed to use the factory ones? I got mine used (only 200 miles on it) from a member here so I am just making sure I have all the appropriate hardware.
Comes with the part only, use original gaskets. We had all the right tools, the rust just did me dirty. Which is weird because it was brand new when I bought it. Had 26 Mikes on it off the lot.
Anyone ever get a definite size on the stud? If not I'm just going to call the dealership today I think. Can't wait much longer lol
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