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A/T shifting

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Does the A/T "shiftronic" actually listen to you?
This is probably going to be the deciding factor in which transmission I opt for.
My current car (2010 Kia Forte SX) does not listen to me at the most crucial times, but I do know it's no "sports" car.
When I am on the gas in 2nd gear @ 5k RPM and try to shift up it either won't or there is a big delay (roughly 1-2 seconds).
Even tried different approaches like letting off the gas a little and shifting and just flooring it.
It just doesn't want to shift at higher rpm.
Most of the time I let off the gas a little and it shifts a second later.
How does the VT A/T hold?
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I've never owned an A/T til now

I've never had an A/T for my personal vehicles...until now. 1) I couldn't get a manual transmission anywhere, 2) I test drove the auto pretty aggressively and felt like it delivered what I wanted. I've only had my VT for a little over a week and 1500 miles but I've been enjoying the A/T. In sport mode it is a blast and I can tell you from some experience that this car will fly past triple digits when downshifting on the highway. I've used the A/T on some of my favorite back roads and it stays in the gear selected through the corners. I haven't autocrossed it yet but I will be doing so very soon and let you all know how that went. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the A/T.
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