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Active Eco Mode

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Does anyone know what happens mechanically when the Active Eco mode is switched on?
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I love the Active Eco mode. *On highway driving ONLY* I live approximately 65km from my workplace and when I had my Jeep Liberty, I would have to fill up after at least 3 trips. When I purchased my VT, I was introduced to this Active Eco mode. Mind you, The VT saves a ton of gas comparing to my Jeep. I am laughing when it comes to paying for gas. Anyways, so I did a little test. With the Active Eco disabled, I get approximately 5.8-6.2L/100km. And this is at a speed of 120km. Now with the Active Eco mode enabled, yes accelerating onto the ramp sucks, but I was averaging 4.6-5.4L/100km and was with the same 120km speed.

So at the end of the day, Active Eco, yes does you great good on the highway traveling long distances, but unfortunately affects performance. So if you are at a stop light and you want to show off to the ladies standing at the corner or the guy in the lane next to you revving his engine, please make sure you have the Active Eco mode off LOL. Not only will you have a bad response to throttle, but you will be embarrassed because those ladies will be laughing at you and that guy in the next lane will be long gone. Also, you will make the VT just come off as a shitty car. :haha:

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So what color was his car? lol
LMAO Good one! But in all seriousness. Do not use the Active ECO on streets where you have a lot of stop lights.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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