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Akata Spacers? Is 5mm even worth doing?

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I intend to replace my wheels at some point, but right now I don't have the money. I've been considering wheel spacers as a cheaper alternative, to hold me over. I found the following:

5mm Ferrari Wheel Spacers 5x114 3 5x108 CB 67 1 Black Anodized | eBay

I've heard Akata spacers are good. I know the spacing (5x114.3) and center bore (67.1) are correct. Is 5mm spacing worth $100 (2 sets needed to do all 4 wheels), or would it be too small to be noticed? If so, is it worth $160 for 12mm? I know that Garageline makes some nice 15mm wheel spacers, but they want a bit more for them than I am willing to pay. Even $160 seems too much, honestly. $100 is borderline too much, but seems to be as cheap as it gets.
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except they still hold on to plenty of thread to be more than safe. If they were more than 8mm you would be pushing it as far as safety goes but 8mm or less and you still have a good 1/2" to hold on to.

With 8mm simple spacers you aren't going to hurt anything, its going to cost you less than 35$ and it is going to look better. If that is what you are looking for, spending more is just spending more money. period..

FYI, I have been running for 18000 miles now with 8mm spacers I haven't had a single lug nut come loose or a single vibration issue with a <35$ set of spacers from ricer zone..
I'm looking to getting something like those, 8mm sounds good enough.
Any specific brand from autorice? Any specific type of metal they should be made of?
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