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Akata Spacers? Is 5mm even worth doing?

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I intend to replace my wheels at some point, but right now I don't have the money. I've been considering wheel spacers as a cheaper alternative, to hold me over. I found the following:

5mm Ferrari Wheel Spacers 5x114 3 5x108 CB 67 1 Black Anodized | eBay

I've heard Akata spacers are good. I know the spacing (5x114.3) and center bore (67.1) are correct. Is 5mm spacing worth $100 (2 sets needed to do all 4 wheels), or would it be too small to be noticed? If so, is it worth $160 for 12mm? I know that Garageline makes some nice 15mm wheel spacers, but they want a bit more for them than I am willing to pay. Even $160 seems too much, honestly. $100 is borderline too much, but seems to be as cheap as it gets.
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And this, gents, is why I ask here before making any purchases :) thanks for all the thoughts and ideas. I'll just wait for my wheels for the moment. I don't want to hurt anything or waste any money.
Our Z friend said that the Z has the same pattern as we do and their spacers are a lot cheaper...
Not quite true. The Nissan 370Z has a Center Bore of 66.1, but we have a 67.1, from what I read. Can anyone confirm?

Also, their spacers cost $150-180 per pair, from what I'm seeing. If you have a cheaper link to share, please do.
I haven't been able to determine an appropriate wheel spacer to use, yet. Sounds like Turbosocks knows a good one.

Please let us know! I'd love to have my wheels appropriately flush, or at least a little more stanced. low'n'fat4lyfe :3
I picked up two sets of these: Wheel Spacers Adapter Aluminum Pair 5x114.3 67.1 5mm

They are really fantastically made for the price. Machined rather than cast. Exact fit, including the centerbore. Looks a lot better. I'll get some photos tonight.
It's been raining so I haven't taken those photos I promised. Maybe if it dries out this afternoon, I can shammy her down and get some nice shots.
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