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First thing first: You must understand that it is the clamping force of the two pieces of the tow hook that holds it in place, not the bolts. In fact, although these are very high quality (strong) bolts, there will be little if any shear force on the bolts.

The manufacturer has the hook mounted as shown in the following picture.

One bolt is going through the large hole of the original tow hook and the other two are outside the original hook. This would work just fine but, I am the kind of guy that can't leave anything alone. Plus, I wanted to move the hook in about an inch. So looking at the original hook I saw a couple of smaller holes. I wondered if I could mount the forward hole of the aftermarket hook through this hole. And, would that move it far enough forward so that the rear hole of the aftermarket hook would go through the OEM hook. Sure enough it would.

First I had to drill the small hole in the OEM hook up to 1/2". I then set the hook in place using one of the supplied bolt and tightened it just enough to hold the new tow hook parallel with the OEM hook. Now I could mark the location for the aft hole. Once that is done I removed the hook and drilled the hole up to 1/2". Make sure to center punch what you marked and drill at a slower speed, the OEM hook is pretty tough. Once that is done you should have something like this.

Once you have the holes drilled make sure and deburr the hole to remove any sharp edges from the drilling. Now it is just a matter of putting the hook in place and bolting it down. The new hook came with non locking nuts. You should use a high strength threadlock or as I did, purchase 3 Nylon insert locking nuts; size M12 X 1.75.

Now you can tighten the bolts. Do so evenly so that both pieces seat against the OEM hook at the same time. I don't have a torque for you, I can just tell you that I would guess I put about 100 ft/lbs on it. Remember it is the clamping force of the two pieces that is going to hold it not the bolts. That's all there is to it. Notice now that the hook tucks in a little better.

You may decide after reading this, that you are going to just do it the way the manufacturer shows and that is fine. I don't believe you will have any problems mounted in that manner. As I said before I wanted to move it in just a bit and I can't leave anything alone. I in no way want to imply that Move Over Motorsports has a bad way of mounting this hook. This is intended only as an option for you.
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