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Another grill thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ok.. so apparently since it's the thing to do lately I'm thinking about trying my hand at grill fab.. however as with everything else I do... i go big lol and not necessarily the cheapest route..

also as with everything else I do .. I will probably have the option of this being for sale if others like it..

i'm looking at using either

Universal Diamond ABS Plastic Black Mesh Grill 120x40 cm Grid 3x1cm | eBay


Universal Honeycomb ABS Plastic Black Mesh Grill 120 x 40 Cm | eBay

right now my biggest concern is the size of the openings letting alot of debris through (or just seeing to much of the FMIC for my taste lol) the holes are .39" by 1.1" and .51" high by 1.1" respectively

.. I'm also thinking of adding a piece of abs plastic behind the middle (where the crash bar is) so that way it looks more oem. I would be doing a license plate relocate to use the stock front toe hook screw to mount the plate holder

anyone have any ideas or thoughts/ concerns

if I did recreate it .. i'd think it'd be around 225 with no license plate relocation.. parts alone will be around 155 (someone said they found the grill for 72 shipped + whichever mesh) so I think thats fair considering the amount of work this will take to do
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I'm honestly not a big fan of those meshes. I like the woven metal myself. Will try to post a picture.
I have some friends that could make you a chainmail grill.
Make me one of super bling. Diamonds, gold leaf, rubies and the metal it platinum plated....wait I take all of that back. Make me one out of adamantium.
No balls...
You get double the balls with DP. As long as they don't touch.
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Bar is fine for me. Easier to mount the tag. Plus you can do some sweet etching on it. Break out the dremel and the etching bits.
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