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Any Northern Va/Southern MD VT's out there?

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Hey all, new guy here. I posted up on the other Veloster site and its pretty dead over there so I figured id post up here instead. I just bought my VT about a week and a half ago and I would like to meet some new people with the same car. Im looking to see if there would be any interest in starting a regular meet. I currently own a 370z as my weekend car and we have meets every saturday, we alternate between Columbia MD and Fairfax Va. This way the MD guys dont have to make the trip all the way down to Va (unless they want to of course) and the Va guys dont have to make the trek up to MD. The NOVA guys meet out in front of the Kohl's/Starbbucks in Fair Lakes and we all just go get coffee and hang out and BS about cars. Nothing too exciting, but its a great way to meet new friends and see what cars they have. Sometimes if the weather is nice we may go for a cruise. Every May we all go down and cruise the tail of the dragon in NC for a few days during "ZdayZ".

Obviously we wouldnt have to do Fairfax or Columbia, but ive noticed those two places are sort of "central" to Marylanders and NOVA'ers. Since this car is relatively new, Im sure it will be slow to pick up at first. Id love to learn more about what mods are out there and its always fun meeting fellow car enthusiasts. Let me know if there would be any interest in starting up a club of some sort.
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I'm in southern md. :cool: :beer:
My friend has a black VT and there's another marathon around somewhere down here. I know my friend probably wouldn't be interested and I'm not sure who the other belongs to, but I can find out. Those are the only ones I know of. Honestly I haven't seen any on the road down here. There's plenty of half-grills running around though.
Too new and too hard to find. I had to go to Fairfax to get mine.

Actually now that I think about it, my friend's neighbor has an Ironman VT. He might be in.
I live and work down in the southern end of southern md lol. I mean if it was planned out, I wouldn't really mind driving wherever "locally."
I think the best thing to do is to just do a meet and post up pics. That way people know we aren't just talking. This Saturday in fairfax would be best for me. I have to make sure it doesn't overlap with my 370z meets. So fairfax this Saturday, then perhaps some place in md next week?
Probably can't do this weekend. I have a training class to prep for next week.
Suo my schedule cleared up, but it's supposed to snow decently Friday night. Probably not the best idea to do anything Saturday.
The chances of the snow hitting us are very slim. If we do it this weekend, it would have to be fairfax, then we can do columbia or somewhere else the following weekend.
The weather you get and the weather I get are usually completely different...Lol. Hell even within the county it's different from north end to south end...all the water around here makes it interesting.
So get this, the first shitty day of winter and what ends up behind me on the road? An ironman VT...go figure.
So I just got a call from the local Hyundai dealership. She said they got a few VT's in down here. I've been waiting for that call FOREVER. But I already have mine. Maybe we'll get some more people now!
Yeah I was told by several dealers that you can't order any Hyundais. The factory allocates to dealerships based on sales. That's why what you ordered didn't come in. They have no control really. I just jumped and reserved one that showed up in inventory. Once the factory allocates them, they show up online in inventory. I reserved mine two weeks before it even got to the dealer. I didn't get any budge room on mine either. It was there 3 days before I had time to go get it. They had like 10 people that wanted it. Luckily my salesman held it for me. The car still had all plastic wrap in the interior.
What happens if we end up with more people for dinner?
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