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Any value to stock exhaust?

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So.... I bought a Magnaflow and catback from Pierce. Awesome. I bought home from the garage a hatchback full of stock pipe that is filling up our garage.
I imagine the stock cat. might be worth something someday & it doesn't take up much room.
If I ever sell the VT, since I paid a garage to put on the new stuff, probably wouldn't be worth paying again to put the stock stuff back on if it was needed for some reason.
I don't suppose the turbo exhaust is an update to the base Veloster or anything; even if so, I'm sure there's tons of take off exhausts.

So... did you other guys who put on a catback keep your stock stuff? Is it worth holding onto? (What a shame to throw away almost brand new exhaust systems, though!)

My Prius is now sold, so the cover is now off the VT. Poor baby was getting spider webs on it. No longer a weekender, now my car to drive to work. Can't believe how my
stick shift driving skills have declined! Fine going forward, not many hills to roll back on around here, but I stalled it a couple times trying to back up into a tight area.
I'm sure it'll come back to me.
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I miss manual, used to own a R-Spec Genesis... good times. But I remember what you went through but you'll get it down for sure. You've had it for a short amount of time so keep practicing and you'll become a pro in no time. When I upgraded my exhaust on my Genesis with 2k miles I believe (it's been a while) I was able to sell the cat back to a local buyer. I'd list it around your area or here matter fact and someone will eventually sweep it up for "dirt cheap" though.
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