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Any Young Guns out there??

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G'day all,

New member, future VT owner here... I'm about to drop an order on a VT for early next year, and am struggling to pick my colour. I've seen all of them on the road now, with the exception of a VT in the matte Young Gun scheme... does anyone here have one they could post some good pics of? Can never tell what the colour actually looks like on the Hyundai website; for instance Battleship looks pretty good on the website, but frakking awful in the flesh, so to speak. I was going to get the Marmalade, but see that it's not offered anymore and am currently leaning towards Stormtrooper, but like the sound of the matte Young Gun. If only I could see one, there don't appear to be any at the dealerships in Perth!!!

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Ah, Stormtrooper is white! You better be careful about what you say about colours because you never know who may own a turbo in the colour you describe as frakking awful. I thought Battleship looked ordinary on the website but alright in metal, especially in the sun. I don't know about the long-term durability or resale value of matt paint (I don't like using French grammar rules in English, such as matte is the adjective of voiture (car) en Française).
I read about 70% or 80% of Veloster Turbos are automatic, so if you want a manual you're setting yourself up for a longer wait. I picked the Veloster because of the automatic. I had an illness which ended up causing me problems with right leg coordination, so I left foot brake on automatics. The Veloster and DSG Volkswagen GTIs were the only hot hatches in automatic, so I got a Veloster.
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