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Anyone from Idaho?

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just curious to see if anyone from Idaho , would be nice to chat with someone in the are who has the same car and Is interested in modding there car!
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Up in Boise. I have the dealer in Pocatello who is working on getting me "THE" car. Been looking locally since end of November. Not much help from the local dealer. Already have a couple things on hand. Solo Catback exhaust (Group Buy) and HIDs Lows/Fogs at 6k and soon the TurboSocks rigid collar kit. Get in on the group buy so we can get the discount. Looking to get the PierceMotorsport 4 point and tower braces soon as well.
Lithia is the dealer. I went with the 3" Solo exhaust after listening to the vids and reading the great reviews they were getting. Got in on the group buy for $619 shipped. I also liked that had both a resonator and a straight pipe to choose from, along with the fact that it follows the stock exhaust path all of the way back. Got my HIDs from Diode Dynamics during a $40 off HID sale. They now have their VT specific site Soon as I get it, its getting the Opti Coat put on it and some tint. Looking forward to see what you do with yours.
good luck...apparently Ultimate manual is very very rare.

you may end up getting 2014 :)
Seems likely at this point. Hopefully everything still fits. :wink:
I've been looking weekly out to about 800 miles for one that has what I wanted but no luck. Was one in Texas but I was not interested in that much of a road trip or them tacking on another ~$1000 to ship it up here. I've got the Hyundai circle pricing all setup to go once the car is ready and a Motozuma account I've been making, what I think payments will be, to.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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