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Seeing if there are anybody in the DFW area or surrounding locations that is interested in getting your vt with ultimate bass.

If anyone is from the Fort Worth area and into the stereo world and especially specifically BASS you have heard of Toby Speakers. Though their ultimate attachments is home theater, their automotive subwoofers are just a byproduct of their achievements. If you are serious about getting best value and best sounding bass, let me know or just check them out at their headquarters. They are not big like mtx or jlaudio, but their speakers blow everyone out of the water. I have been rolling with toby since high school. I will never have another box in my car. I just wish everyone here who is a audiophile like me have experienced Toby Speaker because everyone that I know that have been there melts when they here Toby Speakers.

Welcome to Toby Corp. of America

I for one am getting the Outlaw.
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