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Hi all, as some you know the wife and I have had our Young Gun VT on order for a few months andFriday was the lucky day of delivery. All I can say is AWESOME. the wife had the lucky pleasure of having the car for the first half the day after picking it up at about 11:00am and I didnt get hold of it til after 5:30. so far racked up just shy of 300km and car is cracking along nicely. for all those that have one you know what I mean when I say it just seems to be getting better and those that are waiting believe us it is so so worth the time.
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sooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin' jealous the mackies - ENJOY you lucky thing! I know it'll be worth the wait but it is torturous nonetheless!! ;-) I'm going to want time off work when I get it just so I can drive it everywhere & not stop!!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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