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Hi all, as some you know the wife and I have had our Young Gun VT on order for a few months andFriday was the lucky day of delivery. All I can say is AWESOME. the wife had the lucky pleasure of having the car for the first half the day after picking it up at about 11:00am and I didnt get hold of it til after 5:30. so far racked up just shy of 300km and car is cracking along nicely. for all those that have one you know what I mean when I say it just seems to be getting better and those that are waiting believe us it is so so worth the time.
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I just put 'JJ' in for her 1500k service - as CBR suggested, to get the metal flakes out of the oil etc. My partner has had to drop 'JJ' to the dealer and I asked her to photograph the odometer for me ..... if there's one extra K on the clock when I pick it up this arvo, I might actually stab somebody hahahahahaha.

Yeah, call me paranoid but I really don't need some 16yo apprentice 'taking it for a strap' and treating it like he treats his own car - 'getting capability confused with ambition'. Have I gone too far ??
I see what you mean about the oil 'inspection' CBR .... looks like I'll be doing an oil-change this weekend. Even their own Service Schedule is ambiguous at best;

and here's the 'recommended' lube spec:
Hey there, SRNSW. Yep, fresh back from picking up 'JJ' after the 1500k service. They changed the oil - seemed like a smart idea too considering the idiot salesman told me 15k service intervals. Perhaps he was used to the basic Veloster, which actually does have the 15k servicing intervals. Anyways, all is good with the world again.
Hey again, folks. I'll phone the dealer shortly and find out just what they put it in - even the service rep was shocked when I showed her the service schedule from the previous page. I showed her the 'option' of oil replacement and told her to kick the salesman up the ass for his dodgey information. She went on to say 'we HAVE to change the oil at 1500 - no option on that' so yeah CBR, might be best to give them the drum before it goes into the Hyundai workshop.

As we've seen, the intervals on the VT are 7500k but now I'm interested to know exactly what they've put in as far as weight and viscosity at high temps goes. I don't thrash JJ especially hard - don't think I've red-lined it yet as it goes plenty fast enough up to about 5k or so BUT I am a gauge freak, especially where temp is concerned so I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Yes, very interesting info, CBR
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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