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Bake thoes headlights

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Has anyone baked and painted their headlights yet?

I've seen a few pictures around ( ) and have been thinking about doing the same as well as maybe ($%28KGrHqV,!l0E65N43oMOBOug3JmTP!~~60_35.JPG)

Have always wanted to do this to previous cars but have been too nervous!

What do you guys think, on a scale of 1 - I give up how hard is it?
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As a company that open these headlights, it's a LITTLE bit more involved than just heating up and pulling apart. That being said, the only other tools you need are a Philips screwdriver. We use the heat gun method.

If you do decide to paint them, make sure you use heat resistant paint, as the head generated from your lights might melt the paint. Especially if you install HID's. Yes, these lights are larger than those tC lights.

One of our employees has his bezel painted white on his white V (non turbo). Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hyundai Hyundai veloster

You may have seen this in the other V forum.
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The 9035 COMES with the black, so it is included in the price.
We can. It's a special order item, but the price to you will be the same for white. IF you order, just add in the comment section (there's a place for customer comments) that you'd like white paint instead of black and we will change it for you, no problem.

Other colors, unfortunately, are more expensive because the paint itself, is more expensive.
What do you mean white AND black? Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hyundai Hyundai veloster
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hyundai veloster Hyundai
You mean the white/black like this?

In the 9035 picture they are just black.
Black: 9035 Unfortunately we don't have a photo/video of the turbo version with the white.
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