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Balance Shaft?

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well I haven't heard much about this so I thought I might throw this out there and maybe some one could fill the rest of us in....does our engine have balance shafts, if so are they easy to remove like the scion tc, or the mazdaspeed3, which both car I have and both balance shaft weighed around 16-18lbs which freed up some weight and made the cars more responsive.
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The answer is no. Inline four-cylinder engines have perfect primary balance but a secondary out of balance force at twice crankshaft rotational speed. Balance shafts are used on larger capacity four-cylinder engines to balance this secondary force, but the lighter reciprocating masses of a 1.6 litre capacity engine mean it doesn't require a balance shaft. Cars with balance shafts usually have less crankshaft counterweighting, so I am surprised that it was possible to remove the balance shafts and for the cars to remain driveable. I would have thought the vibration would have been incredible.
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