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Beats Audio

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Hey all. In the process of some serious car shopping now and noticed that here in Korea, the VT come with an audio system by Beats Audio. Right now, that's all the info I have. I was just wondering what anybody knows about Beats Audio and if anybody has heard one of their systems.
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It's still going to be crap compared to a quality aftermarket setup...
That's what I was thinking. but we will see.

even my wife's infinity in her limited 2.0T sonata aren't that great.

people have to understand when car manufacturer ask good companies to make speakers for their line of cars they don't tell them to be good as their shelf items, just cheap. that way they just slap their name on the door panel and say hey look these are bose (but they sound like garbage) manufacturer aren't stupid. they know how to tell them make them cheap for us.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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