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Hey all. In the process of some serious car shopping now and noticed that here in Korea, the VT come with an audio system by Beats Audio. Right now, that's all the info I have. I was just wondering what anybody knows about Beats Audio and if anybody has heard one of their systems.
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Iv never heard Beats in a car but imo they are just VERYYY overpriced for the sound quality. You pay mostly for the design and style. Sennheiser always has amazing sound quality, to bad they dont make car speakers =/ If anyone is looking for a sub I have a 15", 500w RMS, Kicker CVR id sell. Its in a sealed box with 500w amp, and gives more than enough window shaking bass for anyones taste haha. It even gives full body massages! And very solid, even sound from 20-160hz.
I have some PlanetAudio P6 components left over from a previous install and a pair of Focal 6V-slim components, but one of the Focals was severely damaged by the shop that removed them when I traded that vehicle in. Just started looking at speakers to see what I can match up with the P6s in front.

Throwing a Pioneer TS-SW841D shallow mount in the stock sub location for now and will output the stock head unit into an AudioControl LCQ-1 EQ/converter to a JL Audio e6450 6-ch in 5-ch mode.
Does the stock head unit happen to have sub outs? Id imagine not but I wish they did since it cost over 3k to replace.
$3K+ to replace the head unit? No thanks, I want to keep the stock head unit for the functionality and the LCQ-1 will clean everything up before feeding the amp.
Yeah I specifically asked if that and speakers were under warranty. My grandfather has an 08 elantra and 2 years ago the head unit broke(wouldnt spit out the CD but wouldnt let you change from CD mode) and they wanted $650ish after install for the factory unit because it was one of the few parts the warranty didnt cover. I got him a $40 aftermarket one and he liked it better anyway. When I asked im pretty sure he said it is covered on the VT, the entire unit with navigation and backup camera compatablility would be about $3200 installed. Just a heads up for anyone lol.

Im pretty sure I saw a post on the veloster forum about needing a line level converter for it. The LCQ-1 should help a ton, along with an EQ. They made a world of difference in my last car even on stock speakers. As an added bonus we have enough room for maybe 6-8 amps or possibly a small car battery under the seats, should anyone ever use this car for audio competitions :in love: Thats a great bonus for anyone who likes discrete wiring for bigger setups.
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