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Believe it or not but here are a couple races

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Well my friend has a 2002 Subaru WRX manual. It’s pretty much stock except the exhaust. Well anyways he wanted to line up turbo to turbo... I have the auto VT. Well the first run was short. He jumped off the line before the third honk. In the second run he pulled off the line quicker but believe it or not I passed him quite aggressively. The second race was against my boss... 2000 something automatic G37x. We meet up on the highway and the race started at about 65mph. We were both stuck neck and neck at 140mph. Veloster was only in 5th but wouldn’t get any faster. He was pissed that a 4cyl Hyundai could keep up with his 45 thousand dollar Infinity. He is going to go get the new r-spec Genesis now lol. I will race my WRX friend again and get a video for you all just so there is proof. I was impressed. The Veloster does get better in time (after breaking it in). :in love:
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P.S. I need to change my picture to my VT not the old turtle.
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