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Big dent on driver side VT GA

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Just curious if anyone owns a Silver VT with a huge dent on the driver's side here in GA.
My friends and I decided to go in one car for dinner and on Woodstock road Taco Mac, we saw a Silver VT.
Coming from the right side of the VT, we were talking about how it looked identical to mine and how rare it was to see one and as soon as we were passing by we got a glimpse of the driver's side and... well... we were shocked >_<.
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That sucks, I don't let anyone touch or stand next to my car unless they were heels; I make sure they don't lean tho lol.
I'd be careful even with the people who wear heels. Standing next to your car with a handbag.. someone shouts at them, they turn around quickly...scratch. (Not all are like this obviously, but it's possible).
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