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Bigbird's 2014 Base 6M VT Build(t) Thread

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So this isn't so much a build thread as it is a built thread as its mostly built already. But my sig can't hold all the mods so it was time for a dedicated Bigbird thread.

As she stands now

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Hyundai veloster

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Hyundai veloster

Installed Mods


- Custom SRI
- Custom intake J-pipe
- 60mm throttle body
- Xe 3TBS
- Pierce catless down pipe
- Stock mid pipe w/ modified NAV CNT Axle back.
- NST lightweight crank pull
- Vented breather tube
- HKS M45xl spark plugs
- Tork Motorsports Stage 1 tune (updated)
- SXTH/Radium OCC, VTA
- unplugged clutch switch


- Removed cowl weather stripping.
- M&S mesh grill
- Tippit functional hood vents
- Custom Drainage System for Vents
- Custom passenger side air dam
- Custom intercooler sprayers
- TB Coolant bypass


- SXTH shifter cable bushings
- SXTH shifter bushings
- Tork short throw shifter (2013)


- BC Racing coil overs
- Pierce rear torsion bar
- Pierce 2 point trunk brace
- Pierce 2 point front brace
- Pierce Street strut tower bar
- Pierce front crash bar
- Torque Solutions Trans mount bushings
- Gen 1.5 seat swap


- 17x8 Sport Edition A15s (dipped gold)
- General G-Max AS-03 245/40/17 tires


- Power Stop slotted and drilled front rotors


- 35% tint
- Sport Toys tow hook license plate mount
- 06-07 STI S204 front lip
- Sequence rear spats
- NEFD rear diffuser
- Carbon Fiber Variant spoiler
- Diode Dynamics 5000k H1 HIDs
- Junyan Headlights
- Yellow Fog light lense covers
- Tippet Bumper Quick Release
- Custom rear reflector vents

Parts To Install

- Finish custom intake
- SoCal custom steering wheel
- Vented fenders (super ricy)
- EZ lip side skirts

My DIY Threads

- Stock Seat Removal and Gen1.5 Upgrade
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Welp, went to do my oil change which went well but when I got to the catch can I opened it up and nothing but watery yellow cap but very little oil. Not what it's supposed to be. THEN when I tried put the drain screw back in it was as if the threads were just gone. I have no idea what went wrong but I ripped that shit out and I'm ordering a new CC today. Likely SXTH. I want to cut the Pro Sport open and see what happened. More like Pos Sport!
Oof you could've said Pro Sh*t but that's okay you'll knock the next one out of the park slugger.

Hey, have you ever had your car dyno'd since the addition of your performance mods?
My brother used EZ lip on his 3000GT years ago and that stuff still hasn't peeled off at all. It's good stuff.
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